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Hi, I'm Cara. 

Before starting my own consultancy, I worked in academic and educational
publishing for ten years. But I am also an independently published author, which means I have a unique understanding of what it's like on both sides of the publishing fence.

I work across a wide range of genres but my particular interests are:

>> Helping people tell their personal stories of empowerment and courage.

>> Helping businesses create non-fiction books that bolster their brand, attract new clients,
and establish them as a voice of authority in their industry.

>> Providing manuscript appraisals and development editing for fictional works, particularly Young Adult Fiction, Crime, Psychological Thrillers, Fantasy Fiction, and Romance.

>> Coaching writers in need of support and guidance at any stage of their career.

>> Ghostwriting both fiction and non-fiction.

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Cara is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I found her open and welcoming. The advice I received is invaluable. The setting was perfectly placed for writers who are both insular and those who simply need peace and comfort in which to write. I will definitely join Cara for another retreat. I can not give a higher recommendation. 

Ellen Best

One Day Writing Retreat

Cara led me and my writing partner Tom through the whole process of completing the book and an accompanying parent guide. She even created a website and coached us through the process of the pre-launch and the book launch.  


The whole process was seamless and we felt nurtured and supported by Cara throughout. I can’t recommend her highly enough and will certainly be using her services again. Thanks Cara - you are an absolute gem!"

Lindy Wheeler

It's All About Bodd

Cara motivated me into pushing ahead to get Gently They Rage published. I had suffered with ill-health for some time, greatly affecting my energy and making the finishing process very difficult. I needed expert guidance to affect the final process and this she provided. From the moment she gave me a schedule marking out the various dates to work to it made my task easier.  

Linda Negus

Coaching & Self-Publishing Services


If you'd like to chat about coaching, publishing your book, or if you're not quite sure what you need to talk about but know you need something to help you move forward, please do fill in the form below and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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To keep up-to-date with my books, author services, courses and workshops, join my mailing list. No spam, just useful info.

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