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My Author Goals 2017

Last year, I had one major goal that kept me focussed for the first half of the year (finishing the first draft of my Young Adult novel).

After that, I didn’t set many goals, but lots of other creative things started happening and my author life really kicked up a notch.

So, this year, I thought I would follow a similar pattern and divide my goals into two halves. And i'm putting the first half here for you all to see!

By June 2017 I will have:

  1. Finished the second draft of my novel - so it is ready to be edited.

  2. Published my first children’s book, using my own small press.

  3. Sold 100 copies of my first children’s book Bat Dog’s Forever Home.

  4. Learned more about Facebook ads and used these to build Bewick Press’s email list

  5. Developed my ‘healthy author skills’*

* tactics to deal with the fact that most authoring is done sitting down consuming too much coffee!

I’ll write a list of specific goals for the second half of 2017 when I reach the end of June but, for now, here’s The Big Picture i.e. where I’d like to be at the end of the year:

By the end of 2017 I will have:

  1. Published my young adult novel.

  2. Started writing book two in my YA trilogy.

  3. Sold enough books to reinvest in a second charitable children’s book.

  4. Started to search for a YA author to be a part of Bewick Press’s publishing programme.*

  5. Morphed into a yoga-doing, green-tea-drinking, picture of serenity.

* If you're an author with a Young Adult novel, novella or short-story please get in touch via the Bewick Press website.

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