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How does coaching on call work?

If you're an author in need of encouragement, support, advice, and guidance - no matter where you are in your career - coaching on call could be a fantastic solution.

Traditionally, book coaches or writing mentors will give you an hour or two a month of one-on-one time and maybe a few emails back and forth in between. This is great, but it can be expensive and often
it's just not enough. 

Writing can be a very solitary experience. It's hard to be objective about your own work, to know where to go next, or if you're on the right track.

So, that's where I come in...

With the coaching on call service you get access to me as a writing mentor 24/7. You can send me extracts, snippets, sentences, ideas, questions, and doubts. And I'll respond within 24 hours (up to 48 at weekends or public holidays). 

We'll also Skype or talk on the phone whenever you want, up to two hours in total.

Virtual mentoring means you'll never be alone on your writing journey, and I limit my places to three authors per month so that I can really give you my time and attention.


What does a writing mentor actually do?

Having a writing mentor is a little bit like having a development editor on call - I'll help you with every aspect of your writing, whether it's fiction or non-fiction. We can work on your structure, plot, character development, dialogue... basically every aspect of making your book something you'll be proud of.

I can also help you decide where you want to take your writing. Having worked in traditional publishing for ten years and with extensive experience self-publishing my own work and other authors', I can advise you on the best route for you and your book.

But as well as all of that, I'll be your emotional support. Writing a book is hard and it can be lonely. It's tiring trying to be your own cheerleader, your own voice of encouragement... so let me do that for you! 


Okay, so what do I get if I sign up?


  • A welcome questionnaire to help me get to know you as an author and the project you're working on.

  • Unlimited contact with me via Slack or email.

  • Two hours of face-to-face meeting via Skype.

  • Cancel your mentoring plan whenever you like (no long-term commitment).

  • A promise that you will have my attention - my service is limited to three clients a month.


How much will I need to invest?

Having me as your on call writing mentor costs £380 a month.

Why me?

Despite a ten year career as an editor, getting started on my first book was terrifying. But, I did it. In six months, I went from zero words to a complete first draft. Two and a half years later, I've written three novels and a children's book, been longlisted for the Mslexia Children's Novel Competition 2018, and I now help other authors find their voices and tell their stories.

There is nothing I love more than helping an author shape their idea, find confidence in their writing ability, and take their manuscript from first draft through to the polished final edit.


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