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"So, you're writing a novel?"

Last week, I announced to the world (a.k.a. my Mum and my Facebook Friends) that I am writing a novel. This was a big step. I actually typed, deleted, and re-typed my announcement several times before finally plucking up the courage to 'post'. Somehow, I felt as though I wasn't really qualified enough to be calling myself an author. Surely, no one would take me seriously. I mean everyone thinks they have a book inside them, right? What makes me any different?

Happily, I completely underestimated how supportive my friends and family would be. No one dismissed it as a whim, or a hobby, or one of those things people talk about doing but never finish. In fact, they read my blog, asked me questions, and seemed genuinely proud. And I haven't even finished the novel yet!

The main questions people asked were:

  1. What is it about?

  2. How did you get the idea?

  3. Will it make you any money? (This one was just my Dad, actually.)

The 'What is it about?' question, has made me truly appreciate the importance of having your elevator pitch ready. I am still working on mine so, for now, I will just say that this is the first novel in a series of three. It's a high-fantasy YA (Young Adult) book, but one I hope grownups will read too. Note: high-fantasy has nothing to do with the kind of fantasies you'll read in Fifty Shades of Grey, sorry to disappoint! Broadly, it refers to fantasy set in an alternate world, often 'epic' in nature.

By the end of the week, I promise I will have a summary for you, so stay tuned!

Question two, 'How did you get the idea?' is a lot easier to answer. A couple of people have asked whether I decided to write a book and then sought and idea, or if the idea just came to me. My answer is definitely, one hundred percent, the latter. I remember the exact moment this particular story popped into my mind – I was about fifteen years old, on a flight back from Madeira with my parents, day dreaming, and watching the clouds. It has developed a lot since then, but the essence of the story remains the same.

The final question – the money question – is a complete unknown. I have no idea if this book will make me money. But that's not really why I'm writing it. Of course, it would be lovely if I managed to make enough to quit my day-job and write full time. But, I will be extremely proud if I just manage to finish it! Why? Because writing is hard. It's time consuming, and frustrating and, in those moments when you just can't make the words come out the way you want them to, it can even be a bit depressing! But, it is also inspiring, enlightening, and fun... so much fun.

So, thank you to everyone who has been completely, wonderfully, supportive. I hope you remain this enthusiastic in six months time when I am bugging you to read the finished product!

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